Monday, September 29, 2014

October 1st - Note

Dear Parents….
We are underway and having a blast in classes! 
1.       I will be sending this same note out in email on Friday – IF YOU DON’T get an email from me with this same information – PLEASE email me back and let me know so I can get all email corrections done asap.  Email me at
2.       If you ordered shoes please note….my paper said 2 sizes smaller and it should have been 2 sizes BIGGER!  So because of my error, I need to know who came in and tried on shoes and who just put down their sizes….(you can just email me this information).  If you need to order shoes still,  let me know and I can still get that done.  ALL SHOES ORDERS & $$$  NEED TO BE IN BY THE 15th of October!
3.       For those planning on performing at the recital, we have our first costume payment due by the end of OCTOBER.  ( I find a lot of good deals this time of year, so I like to have money in the costume account to get costumes as I find them)   Every class will have a payment of $35  due by the end of October.  For most classes this will cover the year, others will have more due in January – it just depends on how good of deals I can find. 
(Competitions & 6th grade & older classes will definitely have another payment ) For anyone needing to order the black leo/legging base kit we will do that in January.
4.       Calendar for the year –
No classes on the following days:
·         Nov 5th , Wednesday – the Elite Hall double booked so we are the ones getting kicked out
                We will make this class up later in the year, closer to a performance!!!!
·         Nov 24th - 28th (Thanksgiving Break whole week)
·         Dec 22nd - Jan 2nd (School Christmas Break 2 weeks)
·         March 30th - April 3rd (Spring Break whole week)
**Please note that some months are long and some are short... by the end of the year we will average 4 lessons a month.**

·         Wednesday, May 6th  Big combo practice from 6-8:30  for everyone at Elite Hall in Hyrum, Utah
·         Practice Friday May 8th from  2:30 - 4:30 on the stage Mountain Crest High School
·         May add one more large combo practice if needed – time and date will be given later

·         FRIDAY, May 8th @ 6:30 at Mountain Crest High Auditorium (performers back by 5:50)

Let me know if you have any further questions!!!!
Thanks everyone – I am so looking forward to everything that is planned for this year!
435.512.1384 (Texting is the fastest way to get a response!)
Move to it! Dance and Tumbling

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Registration for 2014-2015

Registration is up!
Check out the class options (to the right)
and then register online!

Email , Call or Text!